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Level 80 warrior guide
Level 80 warrior guide

Level 80 warrior guide

Link: Download Level 80 warrior guide

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This is DPS Warrior build that focuses on dishing out burst damage and providing team support by keeping That being said, this is a request to all level 80 characters who run best builds to compare and see what works best for warriors and how weJust hit level 80, tips on gear for 9 posts5 Oct 2013New level 80 Warrior with 113g to spend12 posts4 Sep 2013Reached level 80, what now?6 posts4 Feb 2013New level 80, first time FoTM (need 6 posts18 Jan 2013More results from forum-en.guildwars2.comDPS dungeon build for new lvl 80 warriors. [Training wheel 5, 2014 - Warrior PvE | Dungeon Greatsword, Axe/Warhorn | Damage DPS This guide is a "training wheel" guide for those new level 80 players who Warrior! DPS + Livability (NOT GS) - posted in Profession Builds: General (More Analysis; At level 80, 21 Precision is 1% more Crit Chance,Jun 28, 2014 - GW2 Warrior Builds and general PvE guide written by Element of [rT]. .. At level 80 the lifesteal will damage the opponent and heal you for Truth be told, warriors at level 80 have all the essential abilities to hold threat on single targets, regardless of spec, but beginning at level 60 you will notice the [Warrior]Build for new lvl 80 players to survive and do DPS in wait, this guide if for those new level 80 players who are in the learning phase warrior,Guild Wars 2 (Video Game),guild,wars,mesmer,mere,image,build,guide,fractal,dungeon,commentary Sep 22, 2013 - Stats. Power1311; Precision1211; Toughness1511; Vitality1511. Attack2320; Crit %18; Armor2722; Health24322. Req. Level 80. Primary. Warriors are a very powerful class, with the ability to tank or deal significant melee damage. The warrior's Protection tree contains many talents to improve their

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